Best solar rooftop

Choosing best Solar rooftop system:  Many of us dream of having solar system and will be very excited to install the solar system. One must be very careful in choosing the correct photo voltaic panel and inverter.

This involves many official formalities with BESCOM and there is a very good cooperation from Bescom as well. All paper works will be taken care by your integrator which saves lot of headache away from your side.   Keep in your mind Solar Photo voltaic panel should support and be productive enough to give you 4-5 units of power for each 1KVA of solar panel installed.   Choose the panel which gives you a warranty of 25 years on performance. Generally integrator will provide 5 years warranty on the whole set-up as per guidelines from Bescom.   You are making huge investment considering future cash flow but performance of panel does make a lot of difference. Always go with trusted partner for installation and can withstand by the warranty as committed.

Don’t go with Chinese make of solar PV panels which can run like any other panels for 5 years but after that no guarantee of it’s performance. At the installation some may offer at very cheap price but it will not lost for long. your cash flow for 25 years will-not be realized.  

while installing make sure you take-up due precautions as given in the guidelines to consumers PDF.