FAQ’s On Solar rooftop

1.What is the rooftop space needed for each Kilowatt of solar rooftop installation?

Answer: For 1 Kilowatt of solar rooftop installation needed 100 Sqft of rooftop area.

2.How many units each Kilowatt of solar rooftop will generate each day?

Answer: Each Kilowatt of solar rooftop installation will generate 4- 5 Units per day during sunny days.

3.If I install solar rooftop do I need to change my house wiring?

Answer: Solar rooftop installation requires only change in meter ( Normal meter will replaced with bi-directional meter) . No need for any wiring change in house.

4.How many days whole process may take?

Answer: This is implemented with permission from KPTCL and it will take 1-2 months.

5.Do I need to obtain License from Municipal authorities or BBMP?

Answer:This installation doesn’t require any permission from Municipal authorities.