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To promote the grid connected SPV rooftop and small SPV power generating plants among the residential, community, institutional, industrial and commercial establishments.

To mitigate the dependence on fossil fuel based electricity generation and encourage environment friendly Solar electricity generation.

To create enabling environment for investment in solar energy sector by private sector, state government and the individuals.

To create enabling environment for supply of solar power from rooftops to the grid. · To encourage innovation in addressing market needs and promoting sustainable business models and ensures employment opportunities.

To provide support to channel partners and potential beneficiaries, within the framework of boundary conditions and in  a flexible demand driven mode.

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Solar Rooftop-Grid connected:

This scheme is as per the Bescom or other Divisional electricity company limited in Karnataka where in existing customers  can install solar panels limiting to their sanctioned load and export excess power to Grid and will get relief from power bill and get money from electricity company

Savings from Solar ?

•Forget about electricity bill for next 25 years and power tariff increase.

• No separate permissions for LT load side integration if no grid export (as solar UPS). Quick roll out time.

• Presently no subsidies at central level.

Solar Ongrid

Tax Benefits of Solar:

  • Wind energy, solar energy and other renewable energy projects. The incentives for wind energy include 80 per cent accelerated depreciation on equipment in the first year
  • 100 per cent Tax Holiday on the earnings for 10 years, over a 15 year period to be taken consecutively (Section 80IA of Income Tax Act),

FAQ’s on Solar rooftop

1.What is the rooftop space needed for each Kilowatt of solar rooftop installation?

Answer: For 1 Kilowatt of solar rooftop installation needed 100 Sqft of rooftop area.

2.How many units each Kilowatt of solar rooftop will generate each day?

Answer: Each Kilowatt of solar rooftop installation will generate 5 Units per day during sunny days.

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